First Phase

By age 7 we like to evaluate our young patients for braces. Some children have severe crowding or facial asymmetry that influences their jaw growth.

To start first phase of our evaluation we need these documents;

  • Study Models
  • Panoramic x-rays.
  • Cephlometric x-rays

Once we have above documents Dr. Neda will do her diagnosis and we will invite you and your child to come in for a complementary consultation.

Usually in our first phase we try to achieve and overcome the following problems:

  • Create room for permanent teeth and solve crowding issues by expansion.
  • Correcting any unfavorable habits, such as tongue thrust and thumb sucking, which can cause openbites and can be number one reason for any teeth movements once treatment is finished.
  • Correcting any crossbite and asymmetry
  • Duration of first phase can be from 6-18 months

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