Our Goal

We believe that children are smart and very intuitive, which makes working with them an honor and privilege. We have created a loving and compassionate atmosphere for them, so from the moment they enter our office they can have a positive and trustworthy experience with us.
As a team, we want children to feel cared for and to know that there is a trust between us that we will honor and the assurance that they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of.
We do our best to make sure our little ones feel and sense that seeing them is the most important priority of our day, as well as reassuring them that all their parents want us to do is to make their teeth all sparkly and clean And strong. ☺
Your child can expect to see a princess at our office for their first dental cleaning, because we want them to be treated like a princess or a prince walking into their kingdom, so we can provide an extraordinary visit for them and you.
For these reasons, even parents often ask about us and look forward to becoming a patient at our office. The answer is always YES! For those parents that are still kids at heart and love getting all of our attention, compassion, and excellent care, we also have a general dentist at our office that provides genuine care for adults. ☺

Our Office:

We understand that it is very easy for children to become scared and frightened of new places, as well as new people, and especially new procedures. Taking that into great consideration, we have designed our office, and treatment rooms to resemble a child’s bedroom. We provide rooms full of toys, colorful walls and carpets, and cartoon decals on the walls.
We love open communication with our patients and their parents, so we encourage you to ask questions because we want you to be clear of all procedures we do in our office.
From the time children walk into our office, they are greeted by friendly team & beautiful relaxing paintings, and colorful hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling, along with a giant T.V that is playing their favorite cartoons and movies.
Additionally, We offer a free Peek-a boo appointment for you and your child to visit us and meet the beautiful princess in our office and even receive a sticker from her!