New Little Patients

Your Child’s smile is precious to me and we love giving kids a life time of TERRIFIC SMILES so we are proud of our team and the care we provide for your family here. We provide checkups with digital dental x-rays & PBA Free fillings and sealants for our patients because we care. We can replace your dark silver fillings with beautiful tooth color fillings. We also monitor and do treatment for our patients that need any kind of orthodontic treatments such as expanders or braces & Invisalign.

So for those of you that you feel like a kid at your heart yes you can see you as well☺

Please come for a peek-boo visit to our office and experience our office from a child’s perspective and see how much they love us. We communicate with them in a child way language and show them the things we are gone use in a story line so they feel comfortable and at ease. I recommend for parents to trust us and grab a magazine and wait for their turn to come back after we are done with child’s cleaning we will invite you to join us and so we can go over the findings, but remember we need this time to connect & bond with them.

We recommend dental cleaning between 4-6 months, specially for children with braces every 3 months is necessary. A typical new patient appointment is about 1 hour and includes digital x-rays, dental cleaning, fluoride & exam. We can’t and will not see your children without x-rays.

Regular visits and x-rays allow us to track their dental growth & developments or any anomalies. We evaluate fluoride exposure and suggest dietary changes and preventive suggestions such as sealant at proper time.