Type of Braces


Clear, Removable, comfortable
Who doesn’t like straight teeth, with no pain & fast.

We provide invisalign for our young tennage children and young adults. average Treatment time is ONE year.They are removable and easy to talk with and invisible . So no one can tell you have them on. You can eat all your favorite food as well as brushing and flossing is easier. Call us for free consultation .

Invisalign are series of clear overlay templates called aligners that have been generated by computer simulation to gradually move teeth with no pain.

Metal braces
Most common type of braces and are made of stainless and are small and comfortable.It takes usually about two-three years for braces to straigthen your teeth .

Clear Braces
These are our cosmetic braces and are made of ceramic translucent material which is clear draw back with these braces is that are very fragile and break easy and they change color with drinking and eating.(not recommended for children)

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